Georgia is a natural born Medium with vast experience of working with spirit.


Georgia will always strive to bring forward evidence of loved ones presence around you during your readings.


Georgia has worked for companys like Russell Grant and Psychic Light


Georgia delivers her readings via various ways


Telephone Readings


Email Readings




Georgia also offers Chakra balancing with Crystals


Meeting your Guide Sessions


Development Classes for budding Mediums


Georgia always works with the light and offers protection to all of her clients and works with the angels of the highest order to bring protection and love.




At this moment in time Georgia is not doing any 1-2-1 readings in person, readings on offer are via the Telephone, Email Skype


As a previous reader for Psychic Light & Russell Grant Georgia is an experienced reader in these areas of communication, and it is your voice that spirit connect with as it is your message and your loved one


Georgia would ask that you do not try to test the psychic because by doing so you can block your own message , its easier to just relax and trust in spirit !!



Disclaimer: (Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951.) , by law Georgia has to state that all Psychics / Clairvoyant Mediumship Readings have been offered for thousands of years and many people have benefitted during that time.


By having Readings etc. you are accepting these terms and you are over 18 years old.


For reasons of legality, Psychic readings are intended for entertainment purposes only. No specific results can be guaranteed. Communication with the Spirit World is experimental in nature and as such there can be no guarantees. Any guidance given is for you to consider only and is not a blue print for living. Any decisions and choices that you make as a result of this consultation are your legal and personal responsibility only, both now and in the future and by booking a reading you confirm that there is no mental, emotional or physical reason why you should not receive this reading.


Georgia reserves the right to refuse to read for anyone she deems either mentally or physically unfit, for example anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs


Love & Light


Georgia xx




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