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Received via email: Wednesday 11th Aug '10

Following a telephone reading the same evening, this lady has been to see Georgia in person on a number of occations.

Subject: Thank you so much


As always your reading was accurate,relevant and you always have the knack of putting me at my ease. I think this reading..(more than the others ) was very personal and caring and has helped me more than I can say. I am very lucky indeed to have found you.... when I was looking for a Medium -last year- there were quite a few..some in Smethwick, Bearwood and Oldbury , Wolverhampton etc. I wasn't particularly drawn to any one of them at all, then I found your website and I found myself reading all the pages on your site and I had a good feeling about you - Well!! you certainly haven't proved my instincts wrong!! You are a very credible,likeable and genuine person and I think I am very fortunate to have met you.

Thank you my friend

Jayne x




Recieved by email 14/03/09


Just to let u know Annabelle had a pelvic scan at 2pm. We also had a medical at our new docs at 4.30, on speaking to the lovely receptionist I mentioned the scan and asked when would be the best time to call next week for results.......................... she went onto computer and results were already in!!!!!!!!!!!! she has several cysts on both ovaries - exactly what u told her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told receptionist we had seen a medium and that she was told this would happen, she asked who I had seen and I said Georgia.........only 3 hours previous someone else had mentioned your name to her about how good you were!!!!

How weird is that. Annabelle is seeing doc on Monday who I assume will refer her to gyno. She is worried to death.

Hope you feeling better

Love Julie xxxx



Thank you for the reading tonight i feel a lot better and have peace in my heart now that i know Beauty is with us and fine. When i saw this picture it worried me incase it wasnt her i felt it was but just needed to be sure as it was quite shocking to load it onto the computer and see it like that looking at me! Thanks again.



--- On Mon, 27/12/10, Georgia Business <georgiasgaze@aol.com> this was from a lady that had wanted to hear from her horse that had passed.


Even if you are a believer that there is a spirit world, it is a fantastic feeling to actually hear proof. When I went for my private reading with Georgia at her home, I immediately felt calm and relaxed. She could tell that I wasnt a sceptic but she still provided proof for me that my Mom was around me. That proof being That I had had problems with my kettle (it kept tripping the electric), I had to do as i was told regarding my teeth (I had recently been given a mouth guard to wear at night) and she also described my Fathers bungalow which is seventy miles away!

My reading went very well and i have taken on board the messages of love received and I am changing things about my life.

Georgia was very specific and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to have contact with the spirit world. I shall certainly be visiting her again.

Mrs Julie Dale (Jan 2009 ) (brownhills) address supplied on request.



I 1st went to see Georgia on 27th October, just 7 weeks after the death of my beloved Fiancé. So many people said it was much too early to have a reading and to be honest I'd been told this after my Dad died, but still I really needed to talk to someone so after looking on the internet and finding Georgia, I got in touch and made an appointment to visit at her home.Well I wasn't disappointed, just the fact that Georgia was having her bra strap pulled, I knew Anton was around! (one of his favorite tricks!!) She told me what Anton had died from, she took me all round my house pointing everything out, including the stain on the living room carpet that Anton was constantly nagging about! She even told me what colour tiles we had been planning in the kitchen, then told me what colour Anton really wanted ( he always agreed with me no matter how he felt about it!). So Just for you my darling we now have black slate just as YOU wanted, and they look great! (carol said that this visit round my house was called remote viewing) it was fantastic evidence that Anton truly was with Georgia and was still with me in spirit. Georgia even named my dogs and my parrot as Anton was moaning because the parrots cage needed cleaning out.

Georgia also went into great detail about the conversation I had with Anton's parrot the night before, word perfect!! well that was plenty of proof for me but it just kept pouring out. She mentioned changes on 8th December and sure enough on that very day we went through major system changes at work going live on 8th Dec!!

Since our meeting Georgia has been to my home, we have become friends and often have a quick chat online. I can guarantee every time she gives me more proof that Anton is around and watching over me, even letting me know that my dog was ill on New Years Eve!!

Every time I feel low I can count on Georgia to lift my spirits again literally! She is a wonderful lady with a gifted talent giving spot on readings face to face and via e-mail.

I would and do recommend Georgia to anyone and everyone, she has become such a special friend and a great comfort in my times of need.

Thank you for everything Georgia. XXX Denise Barratt 7th Feb 2010


I have had many tarot readings and been to see many mediums but none of them were as good as Georgia. I feel that Georgia doesnt give you false hope and is the best medium and psychic I have ever been to, I have known Georgia 4 over a year now and I think she is great.

I see Georgia every month as she has helped me get through alot of personal issues and everything she tells me comes true, I wouldnt recommend any1 but Georgia. I feel very comfortable having my readings off Georgia because she doesnt use any tools.

Georgia is the only medium/psychic that I know that isnt dishonest and doesnt give you false hopes. And she is the only psychic I would ever go to..

Lots Of Love

Harjinder xXx





to whom it may concern

I was delighted to to be the recipient of two reiki sessions from Georgia.

i have been suffering from lower back pain after taking a 'tumble' at christmas.

Georgia was very sympathetic towards me - i had already asked her for a healing session and she readily offered this to me.

The session was remote as i was unable to travel from london to see her.

We spoke over the phone beforehand and we agreed on a mutually convenient time for the session to take place.

Georgia advised me to sit in a quiet place at home without any distractions.

I knew she was using a teddy bear named 'Reiki bear ' as a tool - i found visualising her bear very helpful and enabled my concentration.

I was given two sessions a month apart - i could feel warmth on the area that was paining me. I also felt very relaxed - almost sleepy. Afterwards i slept quite deeply and woke up refreshed.

There was a definite improvement to my back pain- indeed after the last session i was able to attend the gym - something i had not previously been able to do.

i would not hesitate to recommend Georgia as a healer.

yours sincerely













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